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Name:Textures, Brushes & Other Resources
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:community for sharing icon (and other) resources (textures, brushes, etc.).
Welcome to [community profile] icon_resources!

This community is a place to share resources - textures, brushes, links to tutorials or whatever else you can think of that might be relevant to making icons (or other graphics).
Posting Rules

1. This community is all about what goes into making an icon - not so much about the finished product. Please don't post icon sets.

2. If you are posting a texture set or a brush set, make sure that everything apart from your preview/sample is behind a cut. Your preview/sample shouldn't be bigger than 450x450 or contain more than 4 icon-sized images. Anything larger/more than that, please put it behind a cut. If you don't know how to make a cut, refer to the DW FAQ.

3. Do not post resources that you haven't made yourself.

3a. Resource recs are allowed, provided you link to the creator's original post and do not repost their work. You may provide a preview/sample of their offered resources (no hotlinking please), but no download links and no full sets of resources. If the original creator objects to being linked, the post will be deleted.

5. If you want to post multiple things in one day, please do so in one entry.

6. Members cannot add new tags. Please choose from our existing tags according to the tagging rules. If you'd like a specific tag added, contact the mod.

7. Any shared resources must be publicly available. Do not link to locked entries or members-only content in communities. Do not lock a post after you've linked to it or your post in this community will be deleted. Do not lock the posts you make to this community to be members-only, whether you're only linking to your resource set or posting it directly to the community. Anyone watching this community should be able to view and/or download any of the posted resources.

8. Have fun!
Useful Things

1. How to share your resources
2. Tagging Guidelines
3. Contact the mod!
4. tba

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